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Glitter Endurance – Instructor: Sweetpea
Black Dance History Lecture & Demonstration – Instructor: Trina Parks
Let’s talk about Safer Spaces Panel
Hosting for Burlesque – Instructor: Tito Bonito
Shimmy it, Quake It, Make it Bounce! Instructor – Sweetpea
Lazy Stripper Techniques/Eyefucking for Beginners – Instructor: Maggie McMuffin
Retro Go-Go – Instructor: Portia Favrio

It Takes Two, Duet Workshop – Instructors: 2tofly
This is not a Chair – Instructor: Coney Bow
Work your Showgirl Heels – Instructor: Ariel Helvetica
Fan Dance with Anything! – Instructor: Dirty Martini
Man Up! Masculine Movement Techniques for Burlesque – Instructor: Ernie Von Schmaltz
Improv and Instant Character – Instructor: Tifa Tittlywinks
Who The What Am I? – Instructor: Ruby Slickeur
Smash the Whorearchy Panel
Where do I F*@#ing Start?! – Instructor: Dirty Martini
How to Get that Gig (And be asked Back) – Instructor: Champagne Sparkles
Get on the Good Foot – Instructor: Ernie Von Schmaltz

Sensual Floor Work – Instructor: Raven Virginia
Flexibility for Burlesque – Instructor: Kitty Kin-Evil
Put your Face On – Instructor: Luminous Pariah
Beginner Fans – Calamity Chang
Fierce: The History of Leopard Print Panel – Jo Boobs Weldon

Twerkshop: A Twerk and Jerk Booty Intensive – Instructor: Jeez Loueez
Narrative & Transformation in a Burlesque Act – Instructor: James and the Giant Pasty
Storm of Silk: Silk Veil Fan Technique – Instructor: Seraphina Fiero
Clown Basics – Instructor: Imogen Quest
Stop, Drop and Roll.. You’re on Fire! – Instructor: Redbone
Fabulous is a State of Mind – Instructor: Foxy Tann

Find Your Inner Rockstar – Instructor: Iva Handfull
The Stein Strut – Instructor: Judith Stein
Intermediate Sexy Floor Work – Instructor: Meka La Creme
Prolonging your Dance Career – Instructor: Jesse Red Bang
Dynamic Staging Techniques – Instructor: Waxie Moon

Building Community in Burlesque, Tea with Judith Stein
Wanna Put On A Show? Burlesque Producing 101 – Instructor: Burgundy Brixx
Set the Stage On Fire! – Instructor: Tigger!