La Cite Francophone Theatre – 8627 91 st (rue Marie Anne Gaboury) Edmonton, AB T6C 3N1
Located in the heart of Bonnie Doon, Edmonton’s Francophone Quarter, La Cité is a cultural and community centre as well as the meeting place for Edmonton’s Francophone and Francophile community. It houses cultural, social, pedagogical, professional and commercial services. La Cité provides the Francophone community with a meeting place from which it can flourish. As early as January, 1944, the French Canadian Association of Alberta expresssed the need to build a cultural centre. This dream was finally realized in 1997 with the completion of Phase I and in 2010 of Phase II. A large majority of Francophone organizations now occupy the building’s 104 000 square feet. La Cité has become a place where the Francophone and greater Edmonton community can gather and experience French Canadian culture at its finest.