Royal Alberta Museum

We have found our wonderful home in the original Royal Alberta Museum theatre, nestled in the heart of Glenora. Built in 1965, the Alberta Provincial Museum Building on 102 Avenue and 129th Street in Edmonton stands as a true gem of modernist yet historic Alberta archtecture. This beautiful strucure is adorned by fosil-rich Tyndall Limestone from the Red River Formation, extensive marble interiors and exquisite brass fittings. The South face of the build has reproductions of the First Nations petroglyphs of Writing-On-Stone Provincial park carved into the walls. The building is a cherished place for generations of Albertans and the site of many wonderful memories of learning and discovery.
The the Museum’s future is currently in jeopardy, following the closure of the location to make way of the newly built downtown location. Please take a moment to sign a petition to save this historical building from being demolished, and instead preserve the space for future generations to enjoy! Click here to sign
12845 102nd Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta T6R 0K9
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Holiday Inn Express

The official hotel is the delightful Holiday Inn Express located in the heart of downtown! Newly rebuilt, it is the location of all private performer day-time events and free shuttling during the festival. It is just one blocks south of the main downtown strip, right by the Saturday Farmers Market and many delicious eateries.
10010 104th Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0Z1
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