The Judith Stein Scholarship assists one burlesque artist who is accepted to perform at the Edmonton Burlesque Festival, recognizing the time and financial commitment required of traveling performers to fully participate in the festival’s activities.

Judith Stein needs little introduction, but after seventeen years in the business of tease she is pleased to mentor, perform and share the stage with this generation’s burlesque artists. Feminist, teacher, costumer and feature in the documentary League of Exotique Dancers, Judith Stein was awarded the Golden Beaver Award in 2014 for her commitment to fostering the burlesque community.

Applications for the scholarship open once all performers have been notified if their festival submission has been accepted, and close July 31, after all acceptances have been finalized.

Past Winners of the Scholarship:
2019 – Mone’t Ha-Sidi (Sacramento, CA)
2018 – Newfound Lad (Toronto, ON)
2017 – Ruby Slickeur (Yellowknife, NWT)
2016 – Lucky Bucky (Chicago, IL)
2015 – Svetlana Konswallow (Toronto, ON)

Application Form
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Who do you consider to be your Burly Mama?

Which burlesque school(s) have you attended? (if applicable)

Name of troupes or organizations you've perform with:

Who have you taken workshops with in the past, what was the subject and where?

Performer experience, include time on stage, local and festival appearances. (up to 1000 characters)

What are your performer goals for the coming year? (Up to 1000 characters)

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