The Golden Beaver award, first bestowed at the 2nd Annual Edmonton Burlesque Festival, was created to honour Canadian Burlesque Legend Judith Stein, in acknowledgement not only of her vast contributions to the Edmonton burlesque scene, but also the Canadian and international communities as a whole. After spending time with Judith in her Nelson home, several of the Edmonton Burlesque festival board members realized that not only did she pave the way for burlesque to develop as the art form it is today, she continues to create a loving, nurturing, open-door community – ensuring everyone is welcomed and supported as part of a much larger movement.

Her work educating and mentoring new, up-and-coming, and seasoned performers of this generation (with a Canadian viewpoint) inspired the Edmonton Burlesque Festival board to create something that would pay tribute to “Mama Beav” and her accomplishments. It also creates opportunity each year to give credit to those whose efforts are driven to better the burly community, and inspire a positive, welcoming scene that encourages growth and ongoing interest for future generations.

Past Winners:
2019 – Delilah Manhandler
2018 – Esoteric Bazaar
2017 – Arabella Allure
2016 – Raven Virginia
2015 – Edmonton Burlesque Centre
2014 – Judith Stein