Created to launch and build the careers of the next generation of burly-Q entertainers ….entrants for the competition must have been performing burlesque for no more than two years, and hold no other major international festival titles (i.e. Best Debut Miss Exotic World). Founded by the Blue Belle Burlesque, The Edmonton Burlesque Festival now presents this competition every year to open the festival, giving contestants a platform on an international stage with a chance to win an educational trip to the annual BurlyCon (the world’s only conference dedicated to the art of Burlesque) in Seattle, WA! The competition is judged by the headliners and honorary guests who give feedback to these bright rising stars.

Previous Burlesque Bunny Winners

Winner: Lilly Minx (Edmonton, AB)
Runner Up: Brad Puddin’ (Toronto, ON)
Most Classic: Jolene Fox (Calgary, AB)
Most Innovative: Scarlette Fussion (Edmonton, AB)
Most Comedic: Dutch L’Oven (Victoria, BC)
Legends Choice: Brad Puddin’ (Toronto, ON)

Winner: Força (Toronto, ON)
Runner Up: Scarlett Von Bomb (Edmonton, AB)
Most Classic: Penelope Mais Oui (Colorado Springs, CO)
Most Innovative: Mimi Violette (Gatineau, QC)
Most Comedic: Gala Vega (Victoria, BC)
Legends choice: Buddy Bordel (Edmonton, AB)

Winner: Jo’Rie Tigerlily (Richmond, VA)
Runner Up: Chairmyn Meow (Colorado Springs, CO)
Most Classic: Roxxy Reckless (Dallas, TX)
Most Comedic: Crimson Darling (Calgary, AB)
Best Costume: Chairmyn Meow (Colorado Springs, CO)
Most Innovative: Donna Boss Rogers (Vancouver, BC)
Legends Choice: Chairmyn Meow (Colorado Springs, CO)

Winner: UmA Shadow (Japan)
Runner Up: Ferryman (Boise, ID)
Most Classic: Keely Kamikaze (Calgary, AB)
Most Comedic: Ruby Rounds (Portland, OR)
Best Costume: UmA Shadow (Japan)
Most Innovative: Ferryman (Portland, OR)
Legends Choice: Layna D’Luna (Austin, TX)

Winner: Yaretza (Calgary, AB)
Runner Up: Deja Louve (Vancouver BC)
Most Classic: Yaretza (Calgary, AB)
Most Innovative: Faye Havoc (Vancouver, BC)
Most Comedic: Mickie Sinn (Austin, TX)
Best Costume: Dee Lushious (Surrey BC)
Legends Choice: Yaretza (Calgary, AB)

Winner: Beau Creep (Edmonton, AB)
Runner Up: Letabby Lexington (Edmonton, AB)
Most Classic: LeTabby Lexington (Edmonton, AB)
Most Comedic: Beau Creep (Edmonton, AB)
Pinup Perfection: Delilah LeDouche (Edmonton, AB)
Legends Choice: Kordella Koser (Edmonton, AB)


Applications for the annual Burlesque Bunny competition will be considered during the Edmonton Burlesque Festival selection period through the Performer Application Page.
All applicants who submit an application form abide by all of our Terms and Conditions as set out below.


1st Place Winner
– Crowning as Burlesque Bunny Winner with crown and sash
– Official Placement listed on Festival Website
– Trip to Burlycon: Full Pass, Shared Accommodation, $200CAN travel credit
– up to $400CAN travel credit back to the next years Edmonton Burlesque Festival to perform their step down

2nd Place Runner Up
– Burlesque Bunny Runner Up sash
– Official Placement listed on Festival Website
– $300 Sweet Carousel Corsetry gift certificate
– If the winner cannot attend BurlyCon in the year of their reign, the prize will transfer to the runner up

Superlative Awards: Most Classic – Most Comedic – Most Innovative – Legends Choice
– Superlative Award Sash
– One ticket or reimbursement toward a Friday or Saturday Workshop
– Official Placement on Festival Website

All contestants receive valuable feedback from all of the headliner and honorary judges.


Must have Classic Golden Age 1920 – 1960 OR Neo Modern revival themes.
Routine must run for a minimum of 2:30 mins and a maximum of 5 mins. Routine, costume, music and styling must fit within the chosen burlesque era.

Larger props and stage set up are permitted but cannot take more than 3 minutes to set up and take down. Minimal mess is permitted, on the condition that the competitor provides a drop sheet large enough to cover the area they will be performing on. This covers all acts using WATER, GLITTER, MILK, PAINT, FOOD, CONFETTI, BUBBLES ETC. Venue may have restrictions on mess.

All show music needs to be approved at the application stage, then labeled with your stage name and provided one month before the competition. In the instance of competitors having the same music we will discuss with the relevant parties to reach consensus.


Entrants must be over 18 years of age. Full nudity is not permitted, contestants must wear pasties and a thong at a minimum.

This is a soloist competition, duets or groups cannot compete. Performer must have 2 years or less experience in burlesque. This does not student showcase debuts.

Entrants must not hold no other major international festival or convention titles (ie BHOF Miss Exotic World Best Debut). Minor titles are OK (such as local event contests, online polls and superlative awards such as “best tassel spinning”)

The winner of the competition will hold the title of “Burlesque Bunny” until the following year where they are required to perform a feature show and hand the title over to the next winner. If they cannot fulfill their duties as winner, the runner up will replace them.

Judges will be looking at quality of costuming and presentation, so invest not only in the choreography but also the physical appearance of the show.

Each competitor is required to sign a model release form, in addition to video and photography taken before or during the competition.

Competitors are required to promote the festival, via use of personal mailing lists, websites, and/or social media (including but not limited to Facebook and Instagram).

Competitors agree to make themselves available for media opportunities relating to the Burlesque Bunny competitions and understand that these editorials and shoots may be unpaid.


To promote a positive community and attitude toward performers of Burlesque in Canada and abroad.
Provide ongoing support of the Burlesque Bunny and Edmonton Burlesque Festival brands.
Attend promotional activities for Burlesque Bunny as required during the year of title reign.
Return to the following years competition as a feature performer, and to judge and mentor the competitors.
First and second place will be required to do a photo shoot for promotional material.

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