SWEETPEA (Minneapolis MN) has been teasing her way into the hearts of audiences for over 13 years. She’s been called a conductor of electricity, known for her fierce looks, high-powered choreography, stunning musicality, with the ability of her energy to charm any room and fill any stage. The dancing powerhouse has been given such taglines as, “The Energizer Honey”, “The Seismic Shake from the Land of 10,000 Lakes”, “The Equal Opportunity Teaser,” and, “The First Lady of Sweet.” A seven-time competitor at The Burlesque Hall of Fame,she holds the titles of Most Dazzling Dancer (2013), Duchess of Burlesque (2016), and Princess of Burlesque (2017).
Her Royal Sweetness was a pioneer of the Twin Cities’ Neo-Burlesque movement, helping to create and direct Lili’s Burlesque Revue, as well as starring in several productions.

TITO BONITO (Los Angeles CA) also known as the Cuban Missile Crisis of Burlesque, Tito Bonito is an international and award-winning dancer, emcee, and instructor. He was born and raised in Miami, Florida and, in 2005, moved to Chicago to study Theatre. There he fell in love with the resurgence of the eo-vaudeville movement; performing burlesque for the first time in 2010. In 2013, Tito began producing videos on YouTube calling it Cuban Missile Series. channel is a spin off of The 8th Degree; the show he had co-created with Top 3 Burlesque Industry Figure, Jeez Loueez. Recognized amongst the LA community in the following years, Tito won awards such as “Most Comedic” at the First Annual Burlypicks in 2013 and “Best Duo” with Nikita Bitch Project at the 2015 Hollywood Burlesque Festival. Bonito also received media accolades including being named one of Time Out LA’s Top Burlesque Performers in LA in 2013 and one of LA Weekly’s People of 2016. In 2017, he took home the title of “Most Comedic” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame and competed twice in 2018 for “Best Boylesque” and “Best Small Group.” Currently, Tito hosts burlesque shows and private events across Southern California. He can be seen regularly at Donna Hood’s Tease If You Please monthly extravaganza at the historic Globe Theatre in Downtown LA. In 2018, in Bonito had a regular residency at the cabaret and nightclub El Tucán in Miami, Florida.

TRINA PARKS (Atlanta GA) The first African American James Bond Women/Villian! Ms.Trina Parks born in Brooklyn NY, to Tennel & Charles Frazier, Famous tenor saxophonist, with the Cab Calloway’s orchestra. Trina majored in Modern dance. Trina performed, as principal dancer with several prestigious companies. The Katherine Dunham, Donnie McKayle, Anna Sokolow, Tally Beatty, Geoffrey Holder, Eleo Parmare & The Rod Rogers, NY dance companies. Trina has performed in many Broadway productions, as a Principal Actress,Vocalist & Dancer.
-TRINA has starred and co-starred in several MOTION PICTURES:
“DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER” As the character ‘Thumper, the first African American, ‘James Bond’ Women/Villain. Starring, Sir Sean Connery as ‘007’, The ‘MUTHERS’, DARKTOWN STRUTTERS’. ‘Night gallery’’Mc Coy’ (pilot). Mr. Sammy Davis Jr., TV special and a principal dancer, in his act, at ‘Harrah’s Tahoe’.
Trina was the opening act, for artists: Muddy Waters, Wayne Cochran, Davis & Reese & Ms. Rusty Warren.
– She’s toured her show, as a special guest artist (“Trina’s Tribute to Duke Ellington”) in Jazz festivals, in Europe, the United Kingdom & Asia, for 10 years.
-Is The first African American & featured Vocalist/Dancer, in the Palm Springs Follies
– Is the the Artistic Director/Founder, of the “All Male Modern-Classical Dance Company” Trina has received many proteges awards, her latest: “LEGEND AWARD” (Atlanta, GA July 14th, 2018) “DANCE HONOR”-Award (5-2017) Georgia, Fulton County,of the Arts.
– President Obama’s: “LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT” (2016) “STELLA” (Katherine Dunham’s-Dance award-2015)

Yaretza (Vancouver BC) is a former professional dancer for the National Ballet of Mexico and an award winning international burlesque performer. Born and raised in Mexico City she started dance at an early. At the age of nine she was accepted into the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (I.N.B.A.) by the age of seventeen she was dancing for the Compania Nacional de Danza I.N.B.A. After ballet Yaretza continued to pursue dance in a variety of forms.
In 2010 she came to Canada looking for new opportunities, in 2014 she discovered burlesque. Yaretza made her Burlesque debut at the Edmonton Burlesque Festival in September 2014. Since then she has performed at the Calgary International Burlesque Festival, the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, the Toronto Burlesque Festival and Headlined the Mexico Burlesque Festival in Mexico City. Yaretza now spends her time between Mexico and Canada!

Scarlett Von Bomb (Edmonton AB) made her debut just over three years ago. Most recently she performed at the Kootaney Burlesque Festival in Nelson B.C and also headlined the Itty Bitty Burlesque Festival as a part of Send In The Girls Burlesque. She won First Runner-Up in the Edmonton Burlesque Festivals 2017 Bunny Competition and was also voted Best Burlesque Dancer of 2017 by Edmonton’s Vue Weekly Magazine. She is the muse that will light for fuse, please welcome to the stage, Scarlett Von Bomb!