Calamity Chang is one of the busiest burlesque performer AND producer based in NYC with 2 longstanding weekly shows and 2 monthly shows; and she is also the co-producer of the world’s only Asian Burlesque Spectacular show in NYC. Named by The Huffington Post as one of the “20 Burlesque Stars To Know”, Calamity has performed for numerous esteemed events such as Design Industries Foundation for Fighting Aids NYC), and with celebrities such as Brooke Shields and the cast of The Addams Family, Corey Miller of LA Ink, and guest starred in Moby’s metal band DiamondSnake (“Woman, Yea”). You can also see her in the controversial NC-17 film of 2011 “Shame” by Steve McQueen starring Michael Fassbender as “Late Night Lover #1”. Inspired by her Chinese heritage, Calamity is known for her mesmerizing 1920’s Old Shanghai-style acts reminiscent of a nostalgic era long gone. But this “Asian Sexsation” is also known for her powerful fetish acts in which she subverts traditional fetishized roles.

Jo Weldon, commonly known as Jo Boobs or Jo Boobs Weldon, is a performer, photographer, author, activist, educator, and essayist based in New York City. She established and runs the New York School of Burlesque and wrote The Burlesque Handbook, the first manual ever published on how to create classical and neo-burlesque routines. Weldon is active in the burlesque community, contributing her knowledge and experience to projects and collaborations. Though she now works in the theatrical world of burlesque Weldon has never lost the influence of, and inspiration from lap dancing and strip clubs. She continues to work as an advocate for sex worker rights and freedom of sexual expression. She travels internationally to perform and teach about burlesque, as well as presenting her illustrated lecture on The History of Leopard Print. She is the Vice-President of BurlyCon, Co-Executive Director of Education at The Burlesque Hall of Fame, and operates the Master Class in Burlesque at Coney Island USA.

Luminous Pariah is a Seattle-based international interdisciplinary performance artist, club persona, model, and boylesque character. Luminous has been sharing his effervescent style since early 2009. He tours the US extensively and has performed in over 100 international productions throughout Europe, Australia, and Canada. Lumi not only works as a soloist but as founder of boylesque troupe Mod Carousel, who recently made a splash with a YouTube video that garnered 5 million views! Mr. Pariah draws upon his extensive background in physical theatre and dance to bring you inspirational showcases that are designed to celebrate the thrilling highs and questionable lows of the kooky world we live in.

A professional stage actor, Raven became a permanent cast member of The Garter Girls in 2010. Raven’s numbers vary from romantic to raunchy, valuing imagery, character, narrative and emotional connection in all her performances. Notable performances include Lucha VaVoom (Calgary, L.A), Burlesque-A-Pades with Angie Pontani and Murray Hill (’12, ’13), The New Orleans, Vancouver, Calgary Burlesque Festivals, Girlesque ’15, and The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in 2013. In 2015, Raven was selected out of more than 500 applicants to compete for ‘Best Debut’ at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas and became one of five Canadians ever to win a title – taking home the trophy for Most Dazzling Performer.

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