We are excited to present you with burlesque workshops taught by our festival headliners/features and out-of-town performers on Friday and Saturday!
Workshops are held at Foot Notes Dance Studio 9708 45th Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5C5


Friday September 21 – 9:30-11am
Glitter Endurance – Instructor: Sweetpea
All life is a stage – you should get to perform your best! In this special health & vitality workshop for performers, Sweetpea shares her personal arsenal assembled from the last twenty years of experience as a personal trainer, therapeutic lifestyle coach, nutritional consultant, and most importantly… burlesque performer. From food tips for on the road, to fueling to win your own Shimmy 500, to choosing wisely for your fastest recovery (whether from raging onstage or at the after-parties), unleash the inner glimmer that will outdo all the rhinestones on your costumes.
Bring: A notebook and pen (or cellphone)
Wear: Comfortable clothing

Friday September 21 – 11-12:45pm
Black Dance History Lecture & Demonstration – Instructor: Trina Parks
Trina Parks, actor and dancer famed for her role as the first African American “Bond Woman/Villian” will be doing a lecture describing her history with 16 Black dance choreographers she has danced with since 1956 and their techniques. The workshop will end with group participation, teaching two different dance combinations, African and Jazz!
Bring: A notebook and pen (or cellphone)
Wear: Comfortable clothing. Dance shoes optional.

Friday September 21 – 1:15-2:45pm
Let’s talk about Safer Spaces
The Edmonton Burlesque Festival is excited to offer this panel discussion FREE for all festival attendees and local performers.
Moderated by board member Beau Creep and facilitated by Dame Perignon (Haubner Motoshaw Consulting) the panelists will discuss creating safer and braver spaces, with a focus on the performing arts community. They will address how to build more conscious inclusive spaces, provide tools to respond when there is conflict and violations at events. You will also get an insight of the training and policies happening within our festival. With this group effort the festival members, facilitators and attendees will walk away with more perspectives that they can bring into their own spaces.
Bring: notebook and pen. Respect in these vulnerable discussions.

Saturday September 22 – 9:30-11am
Hosting for Burlesque – Instructor: Tito Bonito

A lecture and discussion workshop exploring the key elements of a strong emcee both on and off stage. Learn how to talk to producers as well as performers. Also take the tools you need to gauge an audience and find your voice. Plus a chance to apply your newfound skills to help you become a sought after host in the world of burlesque and beyond.
Bring: A notebook and pen (or cellphone)

Saturday September 22 – 11-12:30pm
Shimmy it, Quake It, Make it Bounce! Instructor – Sweetpea
You’ve seen them in videos, on the stage, and out on the dance floor: People of all shapes, sizes, and genders astoundingly swivel, jiggle, toss, and twerk their front-sides & backsides about. It’s time for you to join in the fun! We’ll warm up, get a little stretch in, and then you’ll learn a few foundations, isolations, and basic techniques to get your own body bouncing – for the burlesque stage or the dance floor!
Bring: Water, towel
Wear: Comfortable clothing you feel sexy in and your booty can be free in! Booty shorts of all flavors, sweats with great movement, etc.

Saturday September 22 – 1-2pm
Lazy Stripper Techniques/Eyefucking for Beginners – Instructor: Maggie McMuffin
It’s time to strip smarter, not harder! This class will teach the value and power of stillness, connecting with the audience through eye contact, and how to cultivate stage presence. Maggie McMuffin will teach you how to have an engaging, powerful act without putting yourself through a physical wringer. Class will include exercises in eye contact, holding space, and self love.
While ‘eyefucking’ has a lurid connotation, this class will be focusing on radiating energy and intention. The skills taught are applicable to all acts regardless of theme.
Bring: Water Bottle and towel
Wear: Comfortable clothing

Saturday September 22 – 1-2pm
Retro Go-Go – Instructor: Portia Favrio
So you wanna be a Go-Go Dancer? In this workshop you’ll be learning anthemic 1960’s go-go techniques, stamina-building tricks and how to maintain stage presence even when you’re all shaken out! Portia will also share some crucial techniques producers look for while expanding your overall dance skillset with in this fast-paced class. We’ll also go through brief history of Go-Go and teach a few technique for hair, makeup and styling you need to complete a true retro look!
Bring: Water Bottle and Towel
Wear: form-fitting dance or yoga clothes you can move in, heels (ballroom + character recommended, white go-go boots also welcome!)